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    Help stop catchment logging, make a donation to MWCN.

    Support MWCN

    MWCN is a community organisation run with funds donated by the people of Melbourne.  Please consider making donation to help stop logging in the catchments of Melbourne.

    In the lead up to the Victorian State Election, the Melbourne Water Catchment Network is working for the protection of Melbourne’s Water Catchments. We are campaigning for a bipartisan commitment to protect Melbourne’s catchments from logging now and in the future.

    Using a combination of online communications, public engagement tools and direct political action, MWCN educates Victorians about the need to protect the catchments, showing politicians that catchment logging is an issue their constituents care about.

    Tax deductible donations

    To make a tax deductible donation, please go to the Friends of the Earth webpage by clicking here.  (The link is http://foe.org.au/donate/product_info.php?cPath=1_35&products_id=50.)

    Donations which are not tax deductible

    Download the supporter form to make a tax deductible donation to the campaign to stop the logging of Melbourne’s water catchments.

    Or direct deposit into our account (direct deposited donations are not tax deductible – but very welcome).

    Name: Melbourne Water Catchment Network
    BSB: 033 047
    Account no. 429999.

    2011 Calendar

    You can also support MWCN by purchasing the beautiful and educational ‘Water Not Woodchips’ 2011 Calendar.*

    All proceeds raised from Calendar sales will go towards MWCN’s campaign to protect Melbourne’s catchments.

    You can order a copy of the Calendar here.

    *The Calendars are printed on entirely recycled paper.

    Thanks for your interest!