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    Liberal National Party Coalition

    The MWCN has successfully lobbied Melbourne metro councils to support resolutions opposed to logging where the local member is a Liberal.

    In general council support for no catchment logging has been bi-partisian with both Liberal and ALP councillors supporting resolutions calling on the State government to ban Melbourne catchment logging.  This has been great!

    We have lobbied the Shadow Environment minister Mary Wooldridge the local member for Doncaster and deputy Liberal Leader Louise Asher the local member for Brighton and Shadow minister for urban water.

    The MWCN has approached Liberal candidates for meetings but were unsuccessful. Nevertheless we have had some correspondence with (one or two) candidates. We have sent all parliamentarians across Victoria our calendar that  summarizes all issues, and hopefully it will encourage them to come to this website for further information.

    Recent media in the Weekly Times (22 Sept) that discussed the Melbourne catchment logging issue has quoted Opposition rural and regional development spokesperson Peter Ryan as saying Viagra online Australia “a Liberal-Nationals Coalition Government would not put further restrictions on timber harvesting in Victoria“. Questions directed at the ALP from the opposition in Parliament recently (17 September 2010), imply coalition support for Melbourne catchment logging.

    The Liberal Party during the 2002 State election supported logging in the order methotrexate Geelong Water Supply Catchments. This  contributed to every  Liberal MP in the upper and lower house of parliament being electorally wiped out in the Geelong region during that election.

    Louise Asher. Seat of Brighton.

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    Louise Asher has been the member for Brighton since 1999. Louise is the deputy leader of the Liberal Party and shadow minister for urban water. Members of the MWCN met with Ms Asher at her electoral office keen to get her support. The meeting was not particularly positive.

    The  Bayside City Council that covers Louise Asher’s electorate passed a catchment  logging ban motion in late 2007. Bayside council hosted a forum on the catchment logging issue in conjunction with the Victorian Local Governance Association in 2008.  Representatives from conservation and logging industry groups spoke at the forum, however Ms Asher did not attend.

    The cool reception from Ms Asher has been discouraging and indicates the Liberal Party at a very  senior level  is reluctant to ban Melbourne catchment logging.

    Bruce Atkinson. Eastern Metropolitan Region.

    Burce Atkinson is a Victorian Upper House member of the Eastern Metropolitan region. Most of the councils that cover the Eastern Metropolitan region have passed resolutions calling on the State Government to ban Melbourne catchment logging.  This includes Nillumbik, Maroondah, Whitehorse and Knox City Councils.

    Mr Atkinson recently sent a letter thanking the MWCN for sending him a calendar and stated “we need to ensure the integrity of our water catchments.”