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    About MWCN

    The Melbourne Water Catchment Network has been formed to educate the people of Melbourne about


    • how logging increases fire risk, and fire is the biggest risk to Melbourne’s water security.

    Who is MWCN?

    MWCN is a network of people and organisations who are concerned about the negative impact that clearfell logging has on Melbourne’s Water.

    MWCN was formed by people who were involved in the Otway Ranges Environment Network (OREN) and the Victorian Rainforest Network (VRN).

    OREN was successful in campaigning against clearfell logging of native forest on public land in the Otways, including the domestic water supply catchments for 300 000 people from Geelong to Warrnambool.  In 2002, the Victorian Government responded to community support by banning logging in the Geelong/Otway domestic water catchments.  For more information see www.oren.org.au.

    The Victorian Rainforest Network is concerned about Victoria’s remaining rainforests and works to educate the community about the need to protect these forests, particularly from the impacts of logging.  In December 2009 there was bi-partisan support for legislation to protect 45000 hectares of forests in East Gippsland, including many rainforests sites of significance.  For more information see www.vicrainforest.org.

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