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    Nature conservation

    cheap Toradol Zithromax online purchase Lamisil online Ending logging in Melbourne’s catchments would be a huge boost for nature conservation of forests that are close to Melbourne.

    •    An opportunity to consolidate and link the existing Baw Baw National Park with the existing Yarra Ranges National Park.

    •    Protect habitat for endangered Baw Baw Frog, Leadbeaters Possum and Tall Astellia.

    •    Prioritising water production in the catchments means more forests will have the opportunity to grow old. Older forests not only provide more water for Melbourne but also improve the long term habitat requirements for endangered species, such as the endangered Powerful Owl and Leadbeaters Possum etc.

    •    Banning logging will help mitigate against human induced climate change as old growth Ash forests are regarded are carbon rich.

    •    Protect significant areas of Cool temperature rainforests through a catchment logging ban, including rainforest rated as being of National, State and Regional Significance.