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    Logging practices elevate fire risk

    Logging practices elevate wildfire risk on public land

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    There is no dispute that wildfire is the greatest threat to Melbourne’s catchments and Melbourne’s water security. It is of great concern that current logging practices elevate wildfire risks in the wet forests, as shown scientifically. This fact was recently raised by experts at the Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission.

    For more information see Logging elevate wildfire risk on public land, in brief:

    1. Over the past two decades one in 20 wildfires have been started by logging industry practices in State forests. order Topamax

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    2. Scientific research has already shown that regrowth after clearfell logging in wet forests is drier and more fire prone than unlogged forests. This issue has been raised by fire experts in the Bushfire Royal Commission.

    3. Historically, resources have been diverted away from fuel reduction burns in favour of burning off clearfell logged areas in State forest to promote regrowth.

    4. Rainforests can act as natural firebreaks in moderate to low fire conditions. Logging inhibits the ability of rainforest to act as a firebreak.

    5. The Government’s own research shows that thinning forests makes them drier and more fire prone.